Master CV

Edward Master

Artist CV and Statement: Crazy 8 , 2016

Edward Master is an oil painter whose primary interest rests in the use of diverse decorative elements to create abstract compositions. His paintings engage a crowd of colorful forms that vie for attention while striving to create an organized, ornamental whole.

Although the current pieces employ traditional oil painting technique, conventional expectations of depth are often reduced to contrasts in bas-relief or flat intersections. Although individual elements exert some independence, the artist subjects their force to the larger gesture of the picture plane. Like busy, agreeable wallpaper made to order, these images aim to entertain the viewer while relating no stories and demanding no interpretation.

Edward Master lives in Chicago and has exhibited at various venues, including Las Manos Gallery, Peter Jones Gallery, Mars Gallery, and the Cornelia Arts Center in Chicago, since the early 2000's. His work has also been included in the Manhattan Theatre Source's Estrogeius exhibit in New York, and as part of the Chicago Peace Tower at the Chicago Cultural Center.