Wozniak CV


Joey Wozniak combines the cool allure of pure abstraction with the narrative figuration of ancient urns. Forgotten gods, gigantic flowers, misty cities, fading landscapes, fantastic creatures, and costumed characters misplaced in time populate his paintings. Using thickly applied paints, Joey Wozniak pulls, scrapes, and layers vibrant colors and fields with his unique hand-cut stenciled figures and forms, creating a vocabulary of his own invention that speaks to both past history and the present moment, in works that exhibit both beauty and wonder. - Curator Jason Messinger

1995 Artkism 2

1996 Marshall Fields, Trend House
Izzo's Artery (Group Show)

1997 Izzo's Artery

1998 Izzo's Artery

1999 Roscoe's (Premier Group Show)
Roscoe's, Spiritual Obsession (One Man Show)
Around the Coyote
Terry Gaskin's Studio

2000 Gallery 2828
Fine Art Gallery at Marshall Fields/Trend House
Roscoe's, Saints and Sinners (One Man Show)
Glass Curtain Gallery (Columbia College), 50/50 Show
Around the Coyote

2001 Around the Coyote, Winter Festival
3639 Open Studio
Roscoe's, Urban Icon (One Man Show)
Gallery 2828/Stolizzo Gallery

2002 Stolizzo Gallery (Group Show)
Peter Jones Gallery (Adam and Eve Ball)
Fine Art Gallery, Marshall Fields

2003 Marshall Fields, Trend House
Fine Art Gallery, Marshall Fields
Stolizzo Gallery (Closing Show)
Peter Jones Gallery, Artival
David Leonardis Gallery, Fresh Start 111
Izzo/Jones Gallery (Premier Show)
Morton College (One Man Show)

2004 Look Gallery at Marshall Field's
Johnsonese Gallery, Doppleganger
Cornelia Arts Center (Charity Show)
Soul Cafe, Men on Men (Group Show)
Izzo/Jones Gallery, Artropolis (Group Show)

2005 Heartland Association Charity Auction
Look Gallery
The Liegh Gallery
Peter Jones Gallery (group show)
Johnsonese Gallery (group show)

2006 Johnsonese Gallery (2 person show) palimpsest
Heartland Association Charity Auction
Center on Halsted Charity Auction
Art Against Aids Charity Auction
Johnsonese Gallery (group show)

2007 Heartland Association Charity Auction
Around the Coyote Art Festival
Look Gallery
The Leigh Gallery
Johnsonese Gallery Salon Show
Museum of Contemporary Art "Bird House Show"
Crazy 8 - Group Show.

2008 Heartland Association Charity Auction, Rivereast Arts Center
The Leigh Gallery
Peterson Inc., Merchandise Mart
Museum of Contemporary Art "Bird House Show"
Attainable Art/Crazy8 Group Show

2009 The Leigh Gallery
Cornelia Arts Building Group Show

2010 The Leigh Gallery
Lush Life Solo Show, Eyeporuim Gallery
Peterson Inc

2011 The Leigh Gallery
Urban Flowers Solo Show, Eyeporuim Gallery
Cornelia Arts Building, Guest Artist