Crazy 8 Art '07 > Jason Messinger

Original 12 tile mural with pewter glaze background, and color glaze circles.
Mural is modular, can be rearranged into any positions or any sequence.

Artist Jason Messinger creates ceramic art that straddle the cool allure of pure abstraction and the hot recognition of representation. Approaching ceramic tile with a painter's concerns and a sculptors experience, the artist 's multi-tile works are designed to be modular, allowing any arrangement and in any sequence. Mounting system allows the owner to reset the mural, thus reset the 'narratives'. Using a variety of techniques, the artist makes letters dance into and out of comprehension; turns clock-work gears into vast constructions of complexity; re-imagines the most mundane and pragmatically derived utility poles into startling signifiers of organic beauty, and turns circles into burning suns. The artist's sculptures twist and turn with organic yearning and figurative sensibilities. They move in our eye as they are approached from different angles, making the static mobile, and the frozen flow.

SOLD Novas I
SOLD Novas I
ceramic tile, glaze, wooden frqame backers
12 -8" sq. tiles; dimensions variable, shown 31" x 31"