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ARTISTS' ATLAS: Mapping Their Journey
Nine Chicago artists chart location, identity and memory
through a multitude of various mediums and aesthetic styles.
State Street Gallery
401 S. State Street, Chicago IL
Show Runs Sept 24 - Dec 20, 2018
Hours Monday - Thursday, 10am - 6pm

CRAZY 8 ART features the work of regional Chicago artists with a fearless approach to creating and a shared streak of vibrant energy and emotion.


Artists’ Atlas: Mapping Their Journey
Nine Chicago artists explore and map location, memory, and identity.
Featuring artwork by Kass Copeland, Deanna Krueger, Alan Emerson Hicks, Jason Messinger, Matt Nichols, Emily Rapport, Jordan Scott, Marya Veeck and Joey Wozniak.
Messinger curates this show, continuing the Crazy8Art series in partnership with the State Street Gallery at Robert Morris University.

These artists are all alchemists: transforming found materials into complex collages, assemblages and sculptures; transmuting swirls of paint into aerial landscapes and images of homes and objects into emotional portraits; translating historical references from the past into ironic ruminations of the present; and refining the shapes and forms of maps and blueprints into idealized reflections of the same, untethered to reality.

These artists are all risk takers: utilizing materials as varied as paint, ink, canvas, paper, wood, ceramic, photographs, prints, text, found objects, plastic packaging, historical images, star charts, recycled medical diagnostic film, and cancelled postage stamps.

These artists are all explorers: scouting exterior landscapes and interior settings, the outer world and the inner self, our daily lives and our nightly dreams, a remembered past and an imagined future.

These artists are all mapmakers: mapping locations and their references; charting memories and their emotions; tracing the elements of identity and their impact; presenting a visual atlas of our interior worlds, and a visual chronicle of our exterior element. These artists have mapped a journey. Welcome, and explore.