Crazy 8 Art '07 > Joey Wozniak

Original oil painting by Joey Wozniak.

Artist Joey Wozniak unleashes spiritual energy, layering color and shape against compositional agitation and pulsating forces. Using thickly applied oil paints, Wozniak pulls, scrapes and layers vibrant colors to create densely rendered tapestries that expose an underlying energy bursting below the surface. Flowers strewn through his work evoke Dionysian rites of fecundity and fertility, while also serving as the purest signifiers of beauty. Forgotten gods, gigantic flowers, misty cities, fading landscapes, fantastic creatures, and costumed characters misplaced in time often populate his paintings. Rich with references to both classical art and tribal imagery from a wide sampling of cultures, Wozniak constructs his own unique post-modern vernacular. Bridging a physical approach to the material of paint with a masterful understanding of the stimulus of color, Wozniak creates singular visions of beauty and emotion.

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SOLD - Lush Evenings
SOLD - Lush Evenings
oil paint, canvas
24" x 18"