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Jason Messinger’s ceramic and porcelain tile murals and sculpture emphasize the beauty and humor of maps, blueprints, postcards, and directions. With carved surfaces and layered glazes, he invents his own language of symbols and imagery. Messinger inverts the concept of map into a Platonic realm of the imaginary.

Jason Messinger porcelain tile modular art mural of labyrinth maze design
Black porcelain, glazes, underglazes, wood frame backer and wall cleats
dimensions variable - shown 44"x44"x1.5"

Based on the labyrinth of antiquity. Each maze has only one way through to center.

Hand carved black porcelain stils with hand painted glazes. Ships with wall cleats and wood frame backers to project tiles 1.5" off wall. Work is modular - can be displayed in any configuration or sequence.