CRAZY 8 ART features the work of regional Chicago artists with a fearless approach to creating and a shared streak of vibrant energy and emotion. Join us at the Crazy 8 Artists' Carnival !

Crazy 8 Artists' Carnival 
State Street Gallery @ Robert Morris University
401 S. State Street, Chicago IL
Gallery hours Mon- Thu, 10 am - 6 pm
Show Runs Sept 26 - Dec 29, 2016
Reception: Thu. Oct. 13, 5:00 - 7:30 pm

Crazy 8 Artists’ Carnival showcases the work of eight Chicago artists working in a wide range of techniques and a wild range of materials. Interpreting the themes of carnival, circus and festival, the artists are joined by their exuberant delight in the visual and their unique re-imagining of the world. Featuring artists Kass Copeland, Alan Emerson Hicks, IZZO, Anne Leuck, Edward Master, Jason Messinger, Anthony Stagg, and Joey Wozniak.

CRAZY 8 ART - Crazy 8 Artists' Carnival