CRAZY 8 ART - New Emerging Artists
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CRAZY 8 features the work of regional Chicago artists with a fearless approach in juxtaposing materials. Using a wide range of mediums and a wild range of techniques, the work has a shared streak of vibrant energy and emotion.

Jason Messinger creates ceramic art that straddles the cool allure of pure abstraction and the hot recognition of representation.

Joey Wozniak pulls, scrapes and layers vibrant color oil paints to create densely rendered tapestries that expose an underlying energy bursting below the surface.

Alan Emerson Hicks uses found objects and heat-manipulated plastic detritus to create compelling vignettes and tightly corseted structures of complexity.

James Kuhn creates "Paint Mosiacs" that bridge the spiritual truths of his faith with the physical reality of those traditions.

Edward Master references architectural and natural motifs, along with the traditional and decorative arts of many cultures, in oil paintings and large scale paper constructions.